Announcing the ETI-Research Kryo XLR Connector

Sneak peek of the new ETI-Research Kryo XLR Connector! We are very proud of this XLR and am sure you will be also. The Male and Female connections are made from Tellurium Copper and even better the female Pins are machined!

Many of the XLR’s on the market are Brass and many which say they are Copper will if you look at the fine print may only have the Signal Pin from Copper and the rest Brass,or the Male Pins are  Copper but the Female pins are made from Brass. Traditionally if the female pins are not Brass but Copper then they go through a different process which involves rolling a flat piece of Copper to make a hollow cylinder.

The Kryo XLR has all the pins machined and yes this means that the Female Connector is also machined.From our point of view this approach gives you much better contact with the Male PinETI-Research Kryo XLR which means a much better signal transfer.

The Copper Signal Pins are Silver Plated without any Nickel base to make sure that the conductivity is not hindered. The Dielectric surrounding the Copper Signal Pins is Teflon and when looking at the photo you have the choice of using an insert depending on the thickness of the Cable you choose to use.

With twin Cable Strain Screws you can be assured that your cable will stay secure in the Kryo XLR. The Housing is made from Brass and for good reasons. Brass Housing is excellent at EM/RF noise rejection which is so important now with all the digital processors and switching power supplies in our Audio Systems. Another great feature of using Brass as a Housing is the Vibration damping as this material is very good at stopping Vibration and this is so important is HiEnd Audio Systems as with XLR connection being very secure it is easy for this Vibration to be transferred.

The length of the Housing is 50mm which is not long enough to hinder hooking up your cables in the back of your system. The ETI-Research Kryo XLR will be released next week and we hope that you who use XLR’s will consider what this can do for your Audio System