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Exotic Audio Appointed Distributor for Denmark and Scandinavia

Exotic Audio

ETI-Research is very proud to announce the appointment of Exotic Audio as the distributor for Scandinavia and Denmark. Exotic Audio has a very great range of top […]

New American Online Business selling ETI-Research Products

  A new Online Business has been started by an experienced Audio Company to sell ETI-Research Products in America called ETI America. With so many customer finding […]

IACS Ratings of Metals

The different metals conductivity is sometimes not understood well and gets confusing. Often metals that look very similar are thought to operate the same way or […]

ETI-Research is proud to announce new distribution for Germany and Switzerland

Rene Reuter of Reson has been appointed as the new distributor for both Germany and Switzerland. Rene brings a fresh approach and professionalism that I am […]

The ETI Bullet to LINK RCA Changeover

ETI-Research LINK RCA Connector

After many years as the forefront in RCA Connectors, the Bullet has shown what minimalist design with very low mass can do about getting out […]

The Silver Bullet RCA is temporarily out of stock and the reason why

ETI-Research Silver Bullet RCA

You may have noticed that recently the Siver Bullet RCA has not been on the market. It is not because it is a great connector […]

ETI-Research Kryo Speaker Connectors new Shell

ETI-Research Kryo Banana Connector

ETI-Research has just introduced a choice for Kryo Spade and Kryo Banana  who need a larger Shell for bigger cable. The new Shell is the […]

ETI-Research LINK Banana Connector

ETI-Research LINK Banana

The new LINK Banana from ETI-Research. The Banana section is made from Beryllium Copper. Twin Screws to hold the Wire very secure and Twin Screws […]

ETI-Research RCA Connector MR-C03

ETI-Research MR-C03 RCA Connector

ETI-Research is very proud to announce a new product the RCA Connector MR-C03 The MR-C03 has been made for those who need a more conventional […]

RADAR AUDIO COMPANY has been appointed Hong Kong and China Distributor

ETI-Research is proud to announce that Radar Audio Company has been appointed Distributor for Hong Kong and China. With the vast wealth of experience and […]

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