The ETI Bullet to LINK RCA Changeover

After many years as the forefront in RCA Connectors, the Bullet has shown what minimalist design with very low mass can do about getting out of the way of the Music. When it was first launched it was a misfit in the audio connector world. After all with all those clunky big Brass connectors, how could this simple design sound better? It did and how as it showed the influence a connector had on the sound.

After switching from a Brass connector to the Bullet, the sound the brittleness caused by Brass was gone. With the introduction of star grounding design, the soundstage opened up and the sound had a more natural feel. While over the years many copies have appeared but could never replicate the neutrality that the Bullet produced. Star grounding was not the only quality that the Bullet excelled in as another important aspect was the actual pin design. With a hollow design which also includes the very small return pin, the resistance and capacitance are lower than the copies that just relied on star grounding design only.

In 2017 ETI-Research believes that the Bullet needed a changeover for a couple of reasons and first of all is the name. While so many of us in the audio industry calling the connector the Bullet had no other meaning that its name. However names that might have a more passive meaning twenty years ago can take a more sinister meaning now.  ETI-Research has been aware that we have a wonderful product that now has a more aggressive name and our RCA did not deserve to be seen in a different light. Now we ship to different countries and have to explain to customs that our Bullet is not actually a Bullet! It was time for the name to change.ETI-Research LINK RCA Connector

So we have now brought the Bullet to 2017 and call it the LINK. The Link RCA still has the same designs that made the Bullet sound great and we have added an improvement to make it sound even better. The Bullet was based around Tellurium Copper to maintain a durability in not only manufacturing but in long term use. Having hollow pins then strength had to be implemented to make sure that each one when built was consistent and reliable for years.

Do to improvements in Copper we have been able to change the Signal Pin over to a series of Copper that offers a greater IAC conductivity rating. This will offer an even great degree of transparency than what was highly achieved in the Bullet. Most importantly we have kept the small return pin as Tellurium Copper for a major reason and that is durability. Since it is a hollow design making the pin from Harden Copper would have made it too soft and would have flattened over time with the pressure applied when it is connected. This would have made a poor connection and degrade the sound. We have found that the Hollow design is more important than the changing of the type of Copper on sound quality.

The Link Body is now made from Aluminium to help protect the connection from all the EMI/RF pollution that existed from processors and switching power supplies. Twenty years ago we needed basically only worry about AC power noise!

The Link RCA also now has twin cable strain relief screws to help take the strain off the connection and again to make the durability needed to last for years. So while we are doing a change over from the Bullet it does not mean that the Bullet is forgotten nor necessarily replaced, just upgraded.