New ETI-Research Female RCA Connector FC-TC07

ETI-Research Fc-TC07 Female RCA Connector

ETI-Research is  proud to announce the new Female RCA Connector FC-TC07. The design still follows the philosophy of the ground breaking Phono Pod which was in the forefront of Design for Sound Enhancement.

The FC-TC07 has been able to maintain the best of the Phono Pod but offers some improvements for sonic purity.

The Signal Pin is now made from Pure Copper to give a higher degree of signal transfer.

The Solder Pins have been curved to improve in Soldering which will make sure that the wire is able to be secured in a quality soldering connection.

The Cable Pod had the Nut made of Tellurium  Copper and it screwed directly onto the Phono Pod. While this is still a great way for connection it did not protect against the EMI/RF noise that is so prevalent nowadays. The FC-TC07 has the Nut made from Brass because it has excellent damping of vibrations and is also excellent at rejecting the EMI/RF noise. This helps to make sure that any noise that is surround by equipment is not interfering with the connection.

The Brass Nut threads onto a Polymer Base so that it does not make contact with the connector.

We are very proud of this design and are sure you will be to




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