The Silver Bullet Name Change to Silver LINK

The Pure Silver Bullet which has been the reference used by many over the years is now back in stock and now is called the Silver LINK. The same low mass pins that offer very low capacitance and resistance has not changed, nor has the source of the Silver(more about that later).

What has changed is the improvement in the housing. As more and more switching power supplies and processors in our audio systems fill the air with EMI/RF noise it is more important ETI-Research Silver LINKnowadays to reject this noise influence from being picked up and having a detrimental influence on the sound. The Aluminum Housing is very good at rejecting this type of noise and helps keep the audio signal pure.

Why the Delay in Stock

Unlike most silver used in connectors the Silver LINK is 99.99% with assey report to back up the purity. We source the Silver from a foundry in England which makes specific size silver rods for us to machine into the Silver Bullet. Since we use pure silver  the price of silver is subject to the world silver price which at time can fluctuate. The silver previously had risen by about 25% and we chose the tough decision of increasing the price of the Silver Bullet by 25% ,or waiting knowing that the price was going to drop back. It was a tough decision but we did not want to raise the price due to a short price hike.

This is also the reason we choose to get our silver from a reputable source as we know that when prices rise silver from other sources do not raise the cost. So this usually means that the silver is made less pure than claimed.

The Purity of Silver

Nowadays 99.99% pure silver does not seem that pure as we have all seen claims of five 9 and even six 9 purity and all at seemingly a good price. Check with a precious metal foundry and ask them to make Silver more pure than four 9 and you will get told that the difficulty and the huge cost it would be to do this, does not make it feasible. Most likely the best way to confirm is to askto see a Assey report to backup the claim.

The Silver LINK

So if you are wanting a RCA connector that is of the highest quality Silver and designed to have a very low influence on the sound. The Silver LINK is for you as not only is the matal important but the design which was started by ETI-Research 20 years  ago. The design may have been copied by many but still has never been equalled in performances.