The Silver Bullet RCA is temporarily out of stock and the reason why

You may have noticed that recently the Siver Bullet RCA has not been on the market. It is not because it is a great connector but because of a different reason,  ETI-Research Silver Bullet RCAthat is not common in the Audio world. The Silver Bullet is made from Pure Silver that we source from a foundry in England and is made in specific rod sizes so that we can machine into the pins for the Silver Bullet

The past year the price of Silver as a commodity has been rather volatile and it can be tricky when purchasing to make sure that we do not buy on the upswing of the price and to see that it has dropped just a few weeks later!

Why we maintain the price of the Silver Bullet based upon the Silver price at the time of manufacturing, ETI wants to make sure that you do not pay more than needed.

We will always keep an eye out on Silver commodity prices as it has been known as an undervalued precious metal and very likely in the future it may start on an upward price spiral and possibly may not drop again.

When you see such different prices for Silver products this may tell you the reason why. If the Silver commodity price rises and a product eventually does not follow the trend, then the purity of the Silver maybe the reason why.

ETI-Research will post the assay reports of the Silver Bullet so that all will know that it is of 99.99% pure Silver. This brings up another important issue and that is of claims of purity higher than 4 nines (99.99%) in connectors. To get a foundry to honestly makes Silver more pure than 99.99% is extremely difficult and the cost would be prohibitive!

When we have in the past been asked about claims of higher purity than 99.99% we just state”ask for the assay report”. While we have seen some very fine pure Silver wire with 5 nine (99.999%) purity and have no reason to doubt those claims, making the Silver rods the size needed to make the Silver Bullet in higher purity than currently used would be extremely difficult and costly.