Kryo Spade has been Improved

Kryo Spade Connector has now been improved to be able to connect to both major size Binding Posts  Kryo Spade Connector

We are now able to get Tellurium Rod large enough to enable the  Spade Connector now  to accommodate both popular size Binding Post. Previously to get the correct size copper rod to machine had to be custom made at the foundry and this procedure was to cost so much that we feared the Spade would be to expensive to supply. Now that the correct size rod is readily available we can now make the new Spade connector.

The new design will still fit in both size Brass Housings to give you the choice on which Housing will suit your cable the best.

We are very proud of this connector and am sure you will be also

The Kryo Spade is part of a series that includes the Kryo RCA and Kryo Banana 

Kryo Spade dimensions

         Kryo Spade large Housing Details