The Original Bullet Plug

There seems to be a great deal confusion about ETI and a number of imitation RCA plugs that are currently on the market. We have seen many imitations come and go over the years; they are usually home based and try to copy us in every way they can.

ETI will take this opportunity to clear some of the confusion and shed light on our future developments:

The ETI Bullet Plug is the original low mass, single point ground RCA male connector. This connector revolutionized the RCA male connector business, which had not seen any changes in over 50 years at the time of its introduction, and continues to do so.

ETI is 16 years old this year, and we are stronger than we have ever been. Millions of bullet plugs have been sold and used by cable manufacturers and designers over the years. The design philosophy of the Bullet Plug is based on simplicity and minimum metal use. There is not much one can do to improve such a perfect product. Which is why ETI and Keith Eichmann, the inventor, did not change it.

The Original ETI Bullet is still the only RCA from our stable. Take care not to be fooled by imitations and replicas. We have seen some Bullet Plug imitations coming out of Taiwan, with a flattened return Pin. This is hardly an improvement, and it offers negligible performance change. ETI did not pursue this alternative design because it makes no performance difference and at times, compromised the low-mass design philosophy.

The success of the ETI Bullet plug has motivated many designers and manufacturers to release look alike products, normally touting advances (that cannot be substantiated) which somehow makes their new plug superior in performance to the original. In truth, most of these imitations are just designed to take advantage of the hot market for RCA male connectors that ETI has pioneered. While we are flattered that other manufacturers think enough of our product to copy it, we wish that they would demonstrate some original thinking and ideas in their own designs.

As an established organization, we will continue to provide strong service and meet increasing demand. We will continue to enjoy economies of scale, which adds value and reduces risk for our customers. We are not a one-man band. Current customers are reminded that we are shipping our products every day, either through head office in Australia, or through our International distributors. The original ETI Bullet plug has not been replaced, superseded, or otherwise removed from the market. Beware of stories found on the Internet forums to the contrary.

While ETI started as an audio company, it is not just an audio company. Our other customers come from the scientific world, where precision is required at 1 part in 100 million and where EMFs must be kept to an absolute minimum.

Customer quote:

“We design some of the most accurate measuring instruments in the world. These can measure resistance to a precision of 1 part in 100 million and voltages to a precision below 0.25µV.”

“The ETI product is ideal for this application and when we tested them we were very impressed with their performance. We have found them to be highly reliable, well beyond our expectations. Our customers like the appearance and performance of these connectors and they make ideal companions for our high performance equipment.”

At ETI, we believe our scientific capability provides audio enthusiasts with the best product in the world.

Keith Eichmann is no longer part of the new ETI Research. Keith sold the rights to the ETI products several years ago, so whilst he has bragging rights, he has no legal rights to the ETI Products. There is no business relationship between ETI and KLE Innovations or Keith Eichmann. As the new team running ETI, we were honored to have inherited such a solid body of work. We have been working hard for some years to evolve our connectors even further, with several new products already introduced to the market.

We have been investing time and money on our own developments, some of which will be unveiled this year.