Why ETI-Research uses Tellurium Copper

Over the years we have had many ask the question of what is Tellurium Copper and why we use it. Copper is a great conductor of a electrical signal and is malleable enough to be form relatively easy. This however is the weakness of Copper when it comes to being machined into particular form for a part. On a machinabilty number rating with Brass being 100%,Copper comes in a very poor 20%.


So know to make Copper into a more acceptable material to be machined Tellurium is added. Tellurium has a close relationship with Copper as it derived as a byproduct of Copper mining. When adding as little as 0.5% to Copper it will increase the machinabilty number up to 90%!

So how this is beneficial to those who use ETI-Research products that have Tellurium added is long term durability. When plugging in and removing tight fitting connection you want the integrity of the design to remain for years without degrading and losing contact. The reason that Brass has been used so much is it’s high machinabilty factor and thus it’s durability. This would make Brass perfect for connection except it has one major drawback,it is a poor conductor and can rob you of the true music signal you want.

So when you have a ETI-Research Connector that is made from Tellurium Copper you know that not only will it give you superior sound,it will also last for years.

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